Nut bags: teach you how to identify nuts?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
News playback: foshan city industrial and commercial bureau reported circulation field sales result of sampling observation of puffed food, nuts in food sampling observation, selectived examination the pistachio nuts, such as food 20 batches, only six batches of qualified! Including excess peroxide value, cyclamate overweight, etc. In addition, the most common pistachio is bleached. Happy has the United States and Iran two varieties. The former elliptic, because when picked by machine picked from the tree, so the color white; Which round without tip, small size, happy fruit fell to the ground after the mature, farmers receive fruit from the ground, make fruit slightly black color. If I buy sealed packaging, to pay more attention to the label on the packaging; If is to choose the bulk, you should beware of shell white dye bleaching pistachio nuts or nut & other; Fake goods & throughout; Bofeng lotus supermarket, a senior procurement wang zhi experience to share with you the choose and buy: after dyed green pistachio root, could not wash. Extension and natural open two nuts machine is in the immature fruit of the mouth, with machines natural natural fissure after open is ripe, the taste is better than the former. In general, the larger openings are natural. Melon seeds news playback: a few years ago, xi 'an happened & other; Black melon seeds to eat silly 9-year-old boy & throughout; The tragedy. Originally his father produced poison seeds, have never thought son steal to eat. As a result, because long-term eating with alum, industrial salt, swill oil, paraffin wax, such as processing of black melon seeds, son head out of the question. Melon seeds category, melon seeds, black melon seeds, seeds, green tea and red melon seeds, etc. , the supermarket staff, according to the most easy to hide & other; Issue & throughout; Is black melon seeds, mainly polishing problems. Many consumers like to buy in bulk black melon seeds, wang suggested that before buying to see, smell, give it a try. If smell oily smell or flavour, Chen is likely & other; Throughout the effects &; ; Aged seeds benevolence yellow melon. Healthy melon seeds smooth appearance, uniform particles, grow & other; Neat & throughout; New seeds, crunchy and natural fragrance. Red melon seeds color more bright-coloured more problematic, does not exclude the added carmine. Experts say sulfur and carmine belong to food additives, used within the scope of the provisions of the state is safe, but if added to the Fried melon seeds are & other; Beyond use & throughout; ; Seeds are easy to add sulfur dioxide to bleach. Bai Xingren news playback: in Beijing, Bai Xingren were detected & other; Sulfur dioxide residue paint & throughout; , the effect of sulfur dioxide bleaching and anti-corrosion. Don't buy white products. Natural almond is light yellow with black. Currently on the market there are two kinds of almond, skin yellow slightly expensive, high brittleness, nuts taste sweet mouth; Skin black cost 2 yuan cheaper than the former, a hard nuts. Pine nuts news playback: in 2008, the state administration for industry and commerce on a batch of substandard food, pine nuts, made the main problem is the peroxide value and acid value exceeds bid, nuts that had been oxidation and deterioration, or high content of free fatty acids. After the shell open the nuts in hand, see if it is dry, don't choose the very oil. From colour and lustre, try to select pine nuts color white pine nuts. Can hold a pine nuts, did smell flavor Chen, if is produced last year, will have to return oil taste, really good pine nuts, not very sweet and not greasy, after carefully to taste the flavor. Guangdong industrial co. , LTD. Was established in 1995 hong kong-invested packaging enterprises. We adopt advanced management concept of Hong Kong ( Integrity, quality, efficiency) 。 Three consecutive years won the title of 'keep the contract heavy credit enterprise of guangdong province. Is China the first obtain QS production license and entry and exit registration card of packaging enterprises; First to introduce the eight edge-sealing flat bags of Chinese enterprises; Us and Hong Kong, heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, Tibet, and so on more than 60 provinces and cities in the country merchants established a long-term trust relations of cooperation!
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