Let color printing packaging to stand out the trick

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Let color printing packaging to stand out the trick now on the market of color printing packaging difference, designed the packing bag of mostly are fixed, some are too fancy, failed to grasp the main points of the packaging design, and can't attract the attention of consumers. Packaging is a business card, is the enterprise culture, a reflection of the quality of the product. Created in order to make the product packaging and color printing packaging, in an increasingly competitive market today, is destined to be no market, is doomed to be failure. So how to make our color printing packaging in the hands of a lot of competition to stand out? 1, taking the path of differentiation. Find out similar products do not have uniqueness as a creative planning. The study of product function or functions is a brand to market, to the consumer the first condition, the planning cannot let any small packing factory. 2, the reasonable handle color. Colour is the most influential in color printing packaging sales effect the composition of the elements. Prominent features of color combination, can not only strengthen the brand attributes, and have a strong appeal to customers. This requires color printing packaging planners have a special understanding of color application. 3, choose suitable printing process. Commonly used packaging process, UV, bronzing, hit convex, etc. Reasonable use of printing process can not only promote the class of the packaging, still can rise to improve the effect of the quality of the product. As for how to choose process, can of consulting a professional packaging manufacturer, such as packaging plant. Color printing packaging production in addition to the above three points, and the qualitative, modelling planning, drawings and other factors, all know this kind of need profound skills, professional experience. Packaging plant specialized packaging just 20 years, making bags experience, has a mature and professional team, advanced production equipment, a number of profound skills teacher, such as demand custom color printing packaging, welcome to call the advisory. ENDPE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA
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