How to prevent the occurrence of creases on the plastic bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-25
How to prevent the occurrence of creases on the plastic bag? Release date: 2019 03 - 25 plastic bag is a handbag, we often use in use process will appear if we don't pay attention to in crease, so we should be how to prevent the occurrence of crease plastic bag? Plastic shopping bags with resin as the main raw material, sales, services, and other places of clothing and used for carrying bags products, thickness greater than zero. 025 mm. Direct contact with the plastic shopping bags of food should be real, and other plastic shopping bag body is natural or white commonly, also can be other colors; Shopping plastic bags are not allowed to use bubble, perforation, defective defects, such as plastic, fisheye stiffness should be even and smooth, no wrinkles; The printing ink should be unified plastic shopping bags, decorative pattern, free text, complete and accurate overprint. Buy plastic logo should use eye - Catching color, should not be easy to fade or fall off, can use the printing or spraying method, but should not damage the performance of the plastic shopping bags; Each plastic shopping bags is usually a sign that if you have, can increase; The symbol should be located in the position of the plastic shopping bags, direct contact with shopping bags, plastic food itself uncomfortable or unable to identify plastic shopping bags, can stick on the outer packing. Plastic bags are also clearly to know the name of the manufacturer. 90% of the unqualified plastic color black yes cannot be used for packing food. Good way to buy food, such as the deli or snacks, is his own kitchen utensils or standard plastic bags of food. Purchasing standard plastic bags, in formal purchase products, Chinese brand on the product packaging, factory name, web and application sample. At the same time, cold storage, frozen food in the refrigerator also should use plastic packaging or freezer bags, do not use the ordinary plastic bags instead of consumers can use the following method to identify the damage of the plastic bags. In daily life, people often deal with plastic bags, but used to packaging polyethylene plastic bags on the market, is non-toxic, some PVC plastic bag is toxic, it should not be used to install the food. Generally harmless plastic bags is lattiginos, translucent or transparent colorless; Flexible, has the sense of lubrication, the surface seems to have a wax, flammable fire, the fire is still can continue to burn, no taste. On a paper: this paper introduces the classification and characteristic of vacuum bag packaging bag manufacturer next article: cob packaging plant left to tell you the advantages of disposable plastic bags
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