How should Fang Kexuan to apply compound bag

by:Kolysen     2020-06-18
And used in accordance with the compound bag of choose and buy, should pay attention to what time is it: 1. Compound bag factory but no smell, no peculiar smell, some special odor compound bag, not used in food packaging is not must. 2. Compound bag packaging must have logo, it must have the written production producer name and address, product belongs to the store, but not significantly these places has written & other; Used for food & throughout; With the words. Factory goods inspection certificates are provided for the future. 3. Find take money to buy food is the most effective to market, no street stalls to buy. 4. Some color of compound bag must be no in food packaging. Because this kind of state of compound bag is usually made use of recycling plastic. 5. Just because the characteristics of compound bag is not easy to degrade, can cause environmental pollution, therefore, when food shopping, the most effective fine green packaging material. 6. Well without coating, coating materials as much as possible. Now in the packaging design, in order to could get packaging beautiful, corrosion resistant, using the attached coating materials. This not only for discarded materials collection, then use has brought the difficulty, but most of the paint itself has toxicity, if everyone eating the packaging of food, can produce a lot of harm to everyone's body and mind. On the way to equipment and coating, plating technology brings great pollution. Generated when the volatile solvent toxic gases such as coating, electroplating heavy metal waste liquid and waste residue containing chromium pollution, etc.
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