Food plastic bags in daily use neglected details!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
Plastic bags in our daily life is how to don't have to go into the common, but it is the small plastic bags in the process of using a lot of people have their own habits, some of these habits are not correct, today we are going to talk about plastic bags used by a few big misunderstanding. First is such an idea, that is, plastic bags the more thick, the explanation, the better. A sturdy plastic bags must be good? It's not. In spite of our daily life to be exposed to all kinds of plastic bags, but plastic bags have strict standards, and not any bags you see up to the standard. Used for food packaging plastic bags should choose normal manufacturer of production, general with related department for examination and approval of qualified products, should also be marked with a plastic bag and food & other; Used for food & throughout; With the words. In addition, qualified plastic bags for the light is clean, without impurities, inferior plastic bags will be dirty point, impurities. Choose the colorful plastic bags? Of course not. Reality plastic color variety, good color, but does not apply to any packaging items, you should be careful when choosing. If it is used for food packaging plastic bags, but choose from the color, or choose color simple, plastic additives may also be less so. Plastic bags reuse can contact packing food, this is obviously not good. From a certain perspective, repeated use of plastic bags is a good habit, many families also have the habit of storing waste plastic bags, but also can pay attention to when stored in neat, but don't will waste plastic food contact, it will produce chronic damage to our health. Most plastic bags, plastic bags itself is non-toxic, tasteless, but should use undeserved and health hazards are still many, therefore, people need to master certain plastic bag use common sense, the use of scientific habit. Such as plastic bags with film twisted dough-strips, malatang, hot food such as rice noodle, currently on the market a lot of use of transparent, low-cost film bags, more for PVC material, the safe non-toxic plastic bag itself, but the decomposition at high temperature, the release of plasticizer and other poisonous and harmful matter. Second, many people used to put plastic foam lunch boxes are all in the microwave, a lot of material generally plastic foam lunch boxes in the process of heating food, because of the high temperature oil from seeping into food, then melt, produce harmful substances.
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