Food packaging sealing uneven how to solve

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
Food packaging sealing inequality is how to solve? Seal are generally appear uneven deformation. Here, we simply analysis the reason and solution. Bags in the process of sealing why will appear this kind of phenomenon? Basic is composed of the following several reasons: 1, plastic bags, in the process of composite compound coil heating uneven or uneven binding. 2, a coil in the curing room, is not properly put results in uneven coil local hands, fixed speed difference is big. 3, a coil curing process, the groove is too deep, way out is not correct, draft not correct distortion factors could lead to plastic parts. Cooling time is inadequate. Corresponding to these situations, what solution to prevent the taken? Listed below are a few solutions: 1, should adjust the body temperature according to the product, in the process of composite compound heated evenly. 2, the cooling process to fully, don't rush. Thin film to choose 3, on the surface of materials. 4, grasp the cure time. 5, pay attention to the composite film adhesive evenness. Xiong county paper-plastic packaging co. , LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of food packaging bags, plastic packaging bags, vacuum bag, dried fruit rice bags, packing bags of meat compound bag manufacturers, the wholesale price is cheap, can design and customize. Xiong county paper-plastic packaging co. , LTD. , telephone: 0312 - 6795806 ( From Monday to Friday) The true: - 0312 6770489 contact: high manager 13933224088 ( Baoding) 13381065913 ( Beijing) Address: xiong county of baoding city, hebei province hu industrial zone
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