Food packaging material how to distinguish?

by:Kolysen     2020-08-02
Food packaging material basically has: PVDC ( Poly (vinylidene chloride) 、PE ( Polyethylene) PA ( Nylon) EVOH ( Ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer) , aluminum plating film ( Aluminum + PE) All sorts of material properties such as different, different purposes. General food packaging is not a single material, usually red multi-layer composite sausage casing is a single PVDC material. But packing bag, it is not a single material, the inner is PA, PE, outer may EVOH, or PVDC among some with aluminum plating film. Reason: PE has a better heat sealing property is good, is easy to seal is printed on the PA, in the outer layer, can print beautiful picture. PVDC, EVOH barrier property is good, prevent oxidation. Aluminum plating film of light and closed for not easy to see the light of the product is more appropriate.
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