Food packaging label table respectively represent

by:Kolysen     2020-07-24
We sometimes see in the supermarket to buy things write sugar-free food, so, the so-called sugar-free food is to be free of sugar, how much energy is generally. When shopping, someone will take a closer look at food labels on the packaging, a qualified should contain what content in the food labels. Rarely see, the most to see the production date and shelf life. The column labels on the bags, did not cause too much attention to if the shopping behavior of intentional look at the supermarket, you will find that for shorter shelf life or health of food, people may pay attention to the label production date and shelf life, as for the ordinary small commodity, everybody's common action is just from food directly to the shopping cart. How to look at food labels on food labels have what, how to interpret the specific nutritional indicators. As people living standard unceasing enhancement, low fat, the health is not just some of the beautiful people's exclusive, more and more consumers are move in this direction. Now the children like to eat cold drink, on the premise of prevent can only make more healthy choices for them. In addition to energy, core nutrients ( Protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium, etc. ) Is the content of the nutrition must be marked on the label. In addition, according to the implementing rules for the quality and safety of food production and processing enterprises, the implementation of food quality and safety market access system, must be before they go out on its packaging or mark printing, stick on the QS mark, no QS mark shall not be sold for the factory. Of course, food additives and ingredients, shelf life is an indispensable content on the packaging, etc. Error today, science and health, prevent diet sugar-free food not only caught the eye of diabetic patients, but also got many young people chase after hold in both hands. Many products in the guise of sugar-free, big market in sales. However, sugar-free food really does not contain any sugar. To this, we can't help but want to make a question mark. No sugar sugar-free food is not really, just sugar composition and content is different from ordinary food. Many sugar-free food just using sucrose, maltose, xylitol instead of ordinary people still need to be careful when buying sugar-free food. In addition, the doctor also stressed that everyone to & other; Sugar & throughout; Have a general understanding, we usually eat carbs, all starch include rice, noodles and so on, after the body's metabolism will also into glucose. At the same time, the drug regulatory authority of the relevant personnel also put forward the statement, enterprises must strengthen the responsibility, not to their own advantages in food labels, misled the public in the end. Consumers shopping information broad consumer when the choose and buy food, on the one hand, want to notice on food labels QS logo, production date, manufacturer, name and address of JingXiaoZhe, storage guide, quality grade, and product standards, etc. , on the other hand will also try to reputable supermarket and market shopping, at the same time, ask for bill or shopping vouchers, as an effective evidence to problems arise. In addition, still should pay more attention to food safety supervision departments at all levels, the news media reported checking list of unqualified food information, etc. , resolutely resist the unqualified food.
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