Food packaging change remove SC really good?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-01

since October 2015, the state expressly provided otherwise, food packaging the QS blue mark on the original should be gradually changed to SC encoding, on product packaging to the October 2018 May not appear in QS blue label, it really good?

do you remember a few years ago people begin to pay close attention to food safety? Since sanlu milk powder incident it more realized the importance of food safety, countries will further take measures to clean up the mess of food production enterprises. This one are all very basic understanding and extremely important one is on the outer packing of product said blue marker of QS production license, QS certification is divided into two major categories, including food production license and industrial production license, food packaging bags on the printing on the logo and then combined with the corresponding number means that the manufacturer has passed the national related department of health, raw materials, production process and so on a series of inspection qualified, can food production and processing operations, products as qualified. Remember when know this thing, if go to the supermarket or shopping mall to buy products with the packing to Chou at above this flag, believe a lot of people like me have been to so many years now or a habit. So the question comes, according to the new 'food production license management method' regulation, on October 1, 2018, and later produced food shall continue to use the original packaging and tags and & other; QS” Logo, instead have & other; SC” Encoding of the sign, the administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of the 'measures for the management of food production license' (16 Effective as of October 1, 2015. ) The fourth chapter license management stipulated in article 29: food production license number by SC ( “ Throughout the production &; The Chinese phonetic alphabet) And 14 digits. Numbers from left to right in turn as follows: the three food category coding, two provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) Code, two cities ( Ground) Code, two counties ( Area) Four code, order code, one check code. Since make provisions of the state, of course, is based on a more strict management of production enterprises, but as an ordinary consumer, it is hard to when to buy food to look at the small text, used to more directly to see the printed in the above big flag, can be more intuitive to distinguish the product is qualified, do not know whether the SC of the new regulation code also has a more intuitive sign to show? On the market at present the company product has replaced SC sign we see only the changed code, didn't see the specific symbol. 【 Food bag]

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