Food packaging can affect what aspects

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
Food packaging will affect what release date: 2020 - 03 - 17 food quality including food color, flavor and nutritional value, should have the shape, weight and health indicators should reach. Almost all processed food packaging to become commodity sales. Although food is a kind of quality the most easily affected by environmental factors and bad goods, but each kind of food packaging in the setting of the warranty period must conform to the corresponding food packaging quality indicators. Food processing from raw material to the consumption of the whole circulation is complex and changeable, it will infect by biological and chemical, appeared in the process of production and circulation, such as light, oxygen, moisture, temperature, microorganisms and other environmental factors. The influence of light on food quality ( A) Light on food metamorphism has much effect on the food quality of light, it can trigger and accelerate the decomposition of nutrients in food, food corruption metamorphic reaction, mainly in four aspects: grease of oxidation reaction in driving food oxidative rancidity; Make food pigment chemical change and change color; The food of plant, green, yellow, red and the dark red meat or Browning; Photosensitive vitamins, such as the destruction of the B vitamins and vitamin, toxic chemicals and other substances change; Degeneration of protein and amino acid in food. ( 2) Light on the infiltration law of light can cause food inside & ndash; A series of change is because of its high energy. Light sensitive light food ingredients can quickly absorb and convert light energy, so as to stimulate the food bad chemical reaction happens inside. Food for light energy absorption, transfer the deeper, the more bad food more quickly and more serious. What food to absorb the light energy light density, said optical density is higher, the light energy, the greater the effect is stronger for bad food. A: on the future development of packaging machinery in the next article: liquid soft plastic packaging film production needs attention
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