Features and classification of plastic packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
Plastic bags the characteristics and classification of release time: 2019 - 08 - 07 plastic composite flexible packaging bags is a kind of give priority to with plastic raw materials, used to make the packing bag of all kinds of business items in daily life, mainly used to life in use and industrial use, but the same convenience bring lasting harm. The commonly used plastic bags are made from polyethylene film, the film non-toxic, it can be used for holding food. There is also a film for PVC, PVC is non-toxic itself, but on the basis of thin film joined by use of additives are often harmful substances to human body, have a certain toxicity. So this kind of film and made of the thin film bag should not be used for holding food. Common bag type: suction nozzle bag, penguins bags, self-reliance bag, special-shaped bag, etc. Such as laundry detergent bags are suction nozzle bag, also belong to self-supporting bag. Self-supporting bag is suitable for a variety of packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, cosmetics packaging, daily necessities, etc. , such as jelly can suck drinks, chocolate, etc. , are self-supporting bag application in the field of food packaging, self-reliance bag packaging features can be a brief total for the following 4 points, respectively is: 1, the packing inside and outside layer of the packaging design of contrast is perfect, practical performance is also very strong. 2, the printing effect is good, packaging design is beautiful. 3, sealing strong, is also very good preservation effect. 4, barrier property is strong, high practicability. The previous: tell you way to prevent frozen food packaging bags broken next article: how to test plastic bags need
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