Face film bags found in 70 grams of drugs!

by:Kolysen     2020-06-21
On June 22, 2013, 8 p. m. , through a long-term & other; Along abundant express & throughout; The criminal suspect drug will be sent from guangdong xianyang zhang captured by public security Xu Jiawan not ended bureau police station. On the morning of June 21, Xu Jiawan police station police received a report to the police, public security not ended bureau clues said in xianyang, a drug dealer to & other; Along abundant express & throughout; As a link, from guangdong to shaanxi university of science and technology ( Xianyang campus) Send the drug. Police on June 22, 12 noon under the express distribution station will suspect packages section. After eight hours of uninterrupted investigation, arrested, more than 8 p. m. , in the light path in the middle of lemon will suspect zhang captured in our apartment. According to the criminal suspect zhang mou metasomatism, oneself is shaanxi xianyang, a few years ago when working in guangdong the understanding of a drug trafficking, oneself also soon developed drugs, what you've got five years of illicit drugs, side absorb a side to sell drugs now, early in 2013 began to express the way of drug, has received the drug package more than a dozen times, each time receive amount to 30 grams, guangdong every time there will be drug package in the mask bag, cosmetics cosmetics box packaging, appearance and mask packing as like as two peas, hard to find, just using the hand touch is granular. By the police to check the dealt with 70 grams of drugs within the package, the suspect zhang has been public security not ended branch Xu Jiawan police station.
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