Dried fruit bag sealing good-looking

by:Kolysen     2020-07-06
Do offline friends all know, the product to the dealer stores, product placement, put flatness, product packaging is three factors affect product sales, the leading factor in the first two are affected by the downstream distributors. And the product packaging is upstream suppliers we can control factors. In the process of mass production, will enter into a & other The sealing & throughout; Working procedure, sealing is actually have a certain skill. If the sealing temperature and sealing time is wrong, not only can cause a seal and the seal is not strong. So, how do we sealing side to smooth good-looking as manufacturer of packing bag factory? Small make up did an experiment, what. 1 a, the material problem. BOPP/PE material: the discovery after heat sealing bag, flatness is not good, is soft, a slightly higher temperature in creases. Reason: we choose the material of BOPP/PE performance comparison soft, lack of hardness. So lead to level is not good, affect the bag integral effect! Solution is to add a layer of middle level off good, there is a certain hardness of PET film. If you worry about material collocation, directly find packaging manufacturer with production experience, the general problem, they all have rich solution. 2. Heat sealing layer problem: we choose to do heat sealing layer of PE material to do the experiment, found that if we use negative heat sealing film, found two pieces of thin film can't fit together. Again after we heat sealing temperature higher, heat sealing, although able to seal the mouth, but returned sealing side is very hot. Is is not good. If there is a tough question to edge banding, we will pay attention to whether the bag in the compound when opposite, to heat sealing problems. Second, the heat sealing machine problem 1. Hot air blower with single heat sealing and heat sealing, and fully automatic and semi-automatic. The experiment with single hot air blower ( Do the sample bag with) The sealing effect is not very ideal. So we choose and buy the machine, to choose the size of the machine in accordance with our output. Three, heat sealing temperature, 1. Sealing temperature is not enough, have certain influence to the bag air tightness, often we will choose the secondary seal, so that we can't guarantee the sealing line is consistent. Ultimately affect the appearance of the product packaging! 2. Temperature is too high, bags are hot crumpled, also don't look good. Fourth, heat sealing time 1. In the same situation, we adjust the different temperature, heat sealing time, time is short or long time, the seal out of the bag is not pretty. Conclusion: in the case of material collocation have no problem, we need to use a few dried fruit packing bag, adjust the temperature of the heat sealing machine and the sealing time. Find us the most suitable range. Other materials if thin, some value to the relatively low temperature and time, on the other hand, the greater the value!
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