Do much suitable food bag size

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
Many guests custom bags, for the first time to do packing bag, size problems, how do we determine the packet size, what size proportion is better? There are some basis for confirming the size, small make up to find we had a nice bag, calculate their size, find a interesting question, that is the size of the length-width ratio is 0. 6 ~ 0. 7. There is a call on this between & other; The golden ratio & throughout; 0. This value is the value of 618, are used in many fields, such as painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, music, etc. Because he has a certain aesthetic value in the plastic arts, arts and crafts and daily necessities in the aspect of design, and use the ratio can arouse people's aesthetic feeling, in real life the application is very wide also, most of building doors and Windows of length-width ratio is 0. 618. 。 。 , some diameter, two adjacent petioles Angle compared with the circumference of a circle is 1-0. 618, according to research found that the best Angle of plant ventilation and lighting. Like some big picture painting, photography is at zero. 618, will display 'is the embodiment of the application in the industrial design, businesses have been declared 16:9 the golden ratio screen, actually the calculation' is more close to. The golden ratio 0. 618 numerical is used widely in all fields, packaging industry is no exception, most make better bag length-width ratio were 0. 6 ~ 0. Between 7, this just covered the 0. 618. 。 。 And what is not zero. 618? Because now on packs are sealed zippers and sealing side, in the process of production and use of a certain size deviation, so let's set aside a little more space, increase the fault tolerance. Reference for this reason they wish we can determine the size of the range. In width is 12 cm, divided by zero. 6 ~ 0. 7 can determine the range of the length between 17 to 20 ( The weight of the product is not in the scope of consideration) , in the range rate bag to have a certain aesthetic, packaging more good-looking but also conducive to product sales. After confirm the size, the best is to find food bag factory proofing stuffed a product, look at the actual effect!
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