Different specifications way of making a brown paper bag

by:Kolysen     2020-07-28
bags with non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, is currently the most popular in the international environmental protection packing. If the oil paper bag. Film paper bags instead of plastic bags in the food packaging market, so is a brown paper bag instead of plastic bags in all industry status. One, small white kraft paper bag, using a wide range, generally this kind of bag is big enough for some of the many businesses require this kind of cheap and durable, a brown paper bag usually forming this kind of practice is a brown paper bag machine, machine of rope, entirely by machine operation. Second, medium brown paper bag, under normal circumstances, after the medium is a brown paper bag machine joint forming after a person into a brown paper bag, put the rope by hand due to the current domestic molding equipment shaping size restrictions, a brown paper bag and kraft paper bags post smaller bag rope, rope machine can only be so approach is limited by a machine a brown paper bag. Many bags have no way to let the machine alone the production completed. Three, bags and sacks, have the head of the kraft paper bagbags, thicker cow leather bag, the practice of the kraft paper bags to pure handmade, the current domestic haven't can solve these brown paper bag molding machine, can only be made by hand, this kind of kraft paper bagbag production cost is higher, the number will not be huge. Four, whether the above which kinds of kraft paper bags, if the quantity is not big enough are usually made of pure manual for machine production loss is big, a brown paper bag had no way to solve the small amount of brown paper bag.
Collectively, the effect of 123 on industrial society has been to eliminate aluminum foil paper manufacturers and drastically reduce the time long associated with aluminum foil paper manufacturers.
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