Different products of composite packaging requirements

by:Kolysen     2020-08-03
All kinds of products of composite packaging requirements ( 1) General industrial goods packaging, mainly considering its protective, packaging operation, sales, commercial, transportation, etc. ( 2) Cosmetic products packaging, are mostly directly to consumers, to consider its protective, beautiful sex, convenience, shelf display, etc. ( 3) Packaging machinery parts, to consider its protective, functional, rust, transportation, etc. ( 4) Packaging of electronic products, want to consider its protective, anti-shock, anti-static, block, block, etc. ( 5) Food, pharmaceutical packaging, want to consider the protection, health, safety, barrier property, packing, etc. Composite packaging film in order to meet the needs of packaging requirements, should have the following properties: 1, the mechanical properties, tensile strength, rigidity, abrasion resistance, sealing, elongation, friction, etc. 2, physical and chemical properties: blocking performance of moisture and oxygen, incense, oil resistance, resistance to chemical media, avoid light, etc. 3, durable performance: the use of performance under low temperature, high temperature, high humidity under the condition of stability and degradation ability, etc. 4, processability: it is suitable for printing, automatic packaging, antistatic, thermal contraction ability, etc. 5, commodity display, transparency, whiteness, glossiness and open, waste ease of handling, etc. Such as the requirements for the preservation of the goods, packaging requirements, safety and health requirements, sales shelf display demands, economy, are first considered in the design of composite flexible packaging, for different package contents.
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