Basic knowledge of the kraft paper is introduced

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Any defect in the quality of a brown paper bag is not included in the paper quality skills, can be called physical disease. Paper disease not only contains the invisible, but also contains the test or print shows some features of faults, such as brittleness, offset printing, cotton wool, powder drop and so on, contain those who can directly see or feel. Paper appearance has flaws and shortcomings, such as dust and grime. In this paper which is called the appearance of the paper. The appearance of the paper, including dust, peeling, and mark, felt mark, & other; Cloud flower & throughout; , seersucker, wrinkles, crease, dirty spots, sod, bright, warm, hole, embossing, scars, pulp, lump, weight, uneven uniformity etc. The appearance is caused by the paper, some of them are introduced by the paper, before some because skills operation caused bad or poor skills in the process of papermaking, and some because of poor health condition of factory environment. Once appear, it has a relatively continuity, such as blanket and & other; Cloud flower & throughout; 。 Once the attack, if do not adopt measures, it will always be there. Some paper there are some accident or disease attacks for a long time, such as dirty hole, etc. Some diseases can make paper quality, such as dust, felt marks, etc. ; Some paper to make paper waste, such as with a lump of offset paper, or with a large dirty point on only as a waste disposal. According to different types of disease can be divided into general paper: paper quantitative shaken and paper is not uniform. First type usually shake because of feed to flow slurry flow system, the periodic oscillation of pulp box before the rotor, the sieve effect or slurry pump oscillations are sometimes caused by homogenizing bent or open. Rolling in the flow of slurry box.
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