Vacuum bags have a variety of printing method to meet customer demand

by:Kolysen     2020-07-30
Vacuum bags in our daily life more and more, now a lot of food with a vacuum bags to packaging can guarantee the quality of the products, avoid food spoilage, make shelf life longer. But the vacuum bag printing printing methods you understand? 1. Letterpress printing. 2. Gravure printing; 3. Lithography; 4. Silk screen printing; 5. Photographic reproduction; 6. Thermal transfer printing; 7. Electrostatic photocopying, 8. Ink jet printing. Among them, the former three kinds of printing method is to use common, in a year in the production of printed matter by the former three methods for production of printed matter occupies a large part of it. Below, in view of the former two kinds of printing process, carries on the simple description: letterpress: when the ink to highlight the appearance of the overburden pressure and piece of paper on which had the appearance of the ink is, the ink is transferred to the paper. Using this principle is called the letterpress printing method. Letterpress printing method is the oldest. Now have a variety of different plate is used in different types of printing presses up printing are rich and colorful, baidu snapshot rankings change myriad products, including newspapers, books and magazines, etc. Intaglio printing: the appearance of the gravure printing ink from a prominent is passed on to the paper, and intaglio printing process exactly the opposite. In the process of intaglio printing, printing ink from the appearance of a sag is passed on to the paper, the graphic on the gravure part below or in a plate appearance. In the printing process, first in the whole plate coated with ink appearance, then wipe off the page, so much in the concave part of the plate is left behind the ink, and then press the paper on the plate, printing ink goes to the paper.
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