The use of vacuum packaging material and application scope

by:Kolysen     2020-06-20

vacuum bags mainly application in food field, used to need a vacuum environment preservation of food. Air in the plastic bags used for extraction, and then mixed with nitrogen or other food without harmful gas.

the main effect of vacuum bags:

1, in a vacuum environment to prevent microbial growth environment, to avoid contamination of the environment, reduce the fat oxidation rate of the food more than meat, and inhibition of enzymes of microbial growth environment of the existence of.

2, vacuum packaging bags can serve as the moisture evaporates, don't make the food itself to reduce water loss and keep the quality of the product.

3, vacuum packaging bag body beautiful sex itself, to make the person produces the product visual feeling, increase purchasing desire.

we again under the vacuum bags of concrete material.

vacuum bags to choose anti-oxidation prevent oxygen permeability and good contractility of poly (vinylidene chloride, polyester, polyamide material; Some use nylon, polyester film and polyethylene multilayer composite material. Said in front of the poly (vinylidene chloride material is the best of the effect of water vapor resistance of oxygen resistance film category, but it would not be heat sealed in its own right. Polyester has great tensile strength. Nylon oxygen resistance performance is good, good heat resistance, but water vapor transmittance is too large, the manufacturing cost. So in general, most manufacturers would choose composite material to select the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of thin film.

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