The merits of the dog food bags: natural dog food how to distinguish?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19
Natural dog food has been the masters of first choice, compared with other dog food, natural food has remarkable advantages, natural dog food belong to pure natural raw material sources, expensive, high-end product quality, the dogs are easy to digest absorb, also do not have any side effects and residues, being the pet lovers as & other; The most perfect dog food & throughout; 。 The pros and cons of natural dog food how to distinguish? As a human, intestinal digestion and absorption good dog healthy body is the basic. Whether dogs digestive health from feces of shape, color, moisture content, and smell to observe many aspects, such as pale yellow and dry texture of excrement and urine, that means usually ate less meat, vegetables, grains percentage more; Such as manure deep color, partial dark brown and stinking, suggesting that the dog daily is given priority to with a large quantity of oil meat, meat eating too much. In general, assumes the strip and the surface moisture, moderate dung to prove that the dog can easily picked digestion in the best state. Owners can from the above conditions to determine whether a dog digestive health, according to suggest it is not hard to see the meat, vegetables and fruits and scientific proportioning of grain food to ensure the normal digestion of dogs. Homemade food is difficult to achieve precise matching, and the salt content exceeds bid hair of the dog and the kidney can cause a lot of damage, if you can provide on the list in terms of natural dog food quality dog food, such as treasure way dog food, natural ingredients as well as the strict proportion of dogs for meat and grain, and specially added natural food fibre beet pulp, can promote digestion, promote the stool forming effect. For the benefits of the dog is very big.
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