The effectiveness of food plastic bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-22
Everyone know to the streets to buy food first consideration when they have plastic bags of food, not only because of exquisite packaging, the key still due to food safety and hygiene, ensure the safety of food. 1. Physical maintenance storage in the sack of food demand, prevent the kneading, lighting strike, temperature, etc. 2. Outer maintain outer can make food and oxygen, separated, such as water, stain leakage also is the necessary factor in the packing plan. Some packaging include the desiccant or deoxidizer used to extend shelf life. Vacuum packaging or go to the air inside the bag is the primary method of food packaging. Keep food in the warranty period is clean, fresh and Ann is the primary function of the packaging bags. 3. Into the same package the same breed of small objects into a packaging is a good way to save the volume. Powder and granular objects encapsulate the demand. 4. Convey information packaging or food packaging and tag tells everyone how to use, transport, withdraw or processing. 5. Marketing promotion use bag tag potential buyers to purchase the product. Packing plan for decades has become a kind of insignificant and constantly changing appearance. Popularization and plane planning applied to bottle and sell display window. 6. Safety packaging can be cut in shipping safety hazards important effect. Bags can also prevent food into other products. Food packaging can also drop food stolen perhaps. Some food packing is very strong and has the anti-counterfeiting mark, the effect is to maintain the interests of businesses from being lost. Able to have laser marking packaging, particularly color, SMS certification labels, etc. Other retailers to prevent theft, with electronic monitoring label on food packaging bags, such as the export of consumers to shop for demagnetization. 7. Lunch package may have to increase, loading and unloading, stacking, display, sell, open, reshipment, use and reuse. 8. Part of the control of a single package to help all the accurate control of the situation. Such as know the inventory level, also facilitate accounting recent sales.
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