The design of the vacuum packaging color printing techniques

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
With the development of science and technology, vacuum color bags gradually replaced the status of basket in people's minds. Due to the packaging small volume, light weight, convenient to carry, widely welcomed by people. So how can we design the vacuum color bags to gain people's attention, make people rushed to buy? Come and take a look with me. Bags to exquisite patterns, to use some of the structures or physical realization, should have distinctive theme, in combination form to give priority to in order to highlight the text and in-kind, must be linked to internal items, to show the theme clear of. Packaging design style, around a theme, from the perspective of the whole, from big, conforms to the rule of succinct, personality, and beautiful, accord with the characteristics of goods and consumption. Should be paid attention to in the expression of the theme, also cut numerous is brief, whether text or pattern, makes every effort to do design the single, outstanding theme, simple and lively. Exquisite bags or not mainly from the visual, if the designer of the grasp and use of packaging color can directly reflect certain features of inner items, the commodities are likely to be the first choice of the buyers. By taking advantage of the colour of goods in the packaging color reappearance, is can give a person with plant-based homologous lenovo, which have a basic concept of inner items. Bags have the connotation, but also reflected in the appeal of packaging, interesting pictures, and product image and the organic combination of enterprise culture in three aspects. Packing of beautification is also good indispensable important factors, mainly including: one is the color of the beautiful, the second is the pattern design of elegant, three is making the exquisite packaging, be short of one cannot.
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