The characteristic of the vacuum bag of all kinds of bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
The characteristics of all kinds of packaging bags of vacuum bag release date: 2019 - 12 - 18 the packing bag of each type has its specific function, and according to the needs of customers, common vacuum bag is one of the characteristics of it are as follows: ( 1) High temperature resistant, 121℃) , good low temperature resistance, - 50℃) , oil resistant, good performance. ( 2) Cut off the air performance is strong, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moistureproof. ( 3) Avirulent insipidity, accord with standard of health food, pharmaceutical packaging. ( 4) Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, resistance to puncture tear resistance is strong. Vacuum bag is also called the close-fitting moistureproof bags, aluminum foil bag, lu: su composite bag, its material is PET/AL/CPE commonly or PET/NY/AL/CPE. The PET - - The printing effect is good, NY - - Oxygen permeability is low, AL - The barrier property of strong, opaque, CPE - - The inner packing. Glue: water-soluble glue ( With health, environmental protection, no solvent residue) This product has good anti-static, oxygen insulation, shielding, moistureproof, shading function and excellent heat sealing. A: where should pay attention to in the process of pneumatic valve bag have? Next article: help you to find a suitable plastic bags
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