The advantages of vacuum packing bag in the packaging industry!

by:Kolysen     2020-06-19

vacuum bags, just as its name implies is to be packaged products safekeeping of vacuum packaging. Life in a large amount of using vacuum bag packaging products, used for packaging products have a good protection effect. The vacuum bags with what product advantage?

1, vacuum packaging cost is low. Relative to other packaging such as metal packaging, glass packaging, etc. , to have the same barrier effect, if the vacuum packing bag has simple production technology, used for machining of thin film material cost is much lower than glass and metal materials.

2, vacuum packaging capacity is small. Co-extrusion film can be used in a vacuum shrinkable packaging, capacity volume nearly 99. 9%, which is incomparable by glass, cans, paper.

3, vacuum packaging of high barrier property. Using different plastic material blocking performance vary widely, smell of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, such as the effect of the block.

4, vacuum packaging bags high strength. In machining process has the characteristics of tensile, plastic stretch after corresponding improving strength, can also join in the middle of plastic material such as nylon, polyethylene, give it more than general compound strength of plastic packaging, there is no hierarchical stripping phenomenon, good flexibility, excellent heat sealing performance.

5, vacuum packaging bags no pollution. No binder added in the production process, no residual solvents, green environmental protection.

6, vacuum packaging bags wide application scope. Can be used in food, electronics, hardware, chemical industry, textile and so on need to vacuum environment.

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