Tell you have a color plastic bags is not good

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
Colored plastic bags? Is it true? Small make up look at the online articles, colored plastic bags is almost say colored plastic bags of food is not good, have a harm to human body, affect fertility, cancer or something. But everyone ignored a problem, these colored plastic itself is used to hold food? Of course not, general plastic bags of food, there will be obvious and QS mark used for food. Besides the bag itself is non-toxic, tasteless, odourless, the manufacturer of plastic bags production environment also have strict requirements, no matter that an unqualified cannot production sales. The most commonly used color plastic bags in our daily life is reworked material ( Recycling plastic products production and materials) By production, mainly used to hold garbage and other product has nothing to do with the food. So can't say colored plastic bags is not good, it's just our own use, and this is why small make up to give you the cause of the popular science knowledge of plastic bags. Because for most people, is the same plastic bags, plastic bags less garbage bags and bags. For many businesses, choose to use reworked material in the production of plastic bags, not only can save cost, also can reduce the waste of resources, if you are using a food-grade plastic rubbish is not necessary.
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