Tell you food packing bags inside coating safety standards

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
Food packaging bags, The overall figure) Food packaging bags, Internal) Food contact with paint and coating that is, food packaging bags within which layer of the silver, usually as a direct contact with the food of the coating, its security nature being seriously, packing bag factory today just to show you know the national standards, the coating surface smooth, colour and lustre is uniform, no air hole; After soaking, should be no cracks, no bubbles, don't fall off; Migration experiment the immersion fluid should not have color, turbidity and precipitate, yixiu senses such as fission; Under the condition of the recommended the use of any contact with the food, migrated to the level of material in the food should not harm human health; Coating under the condition of recommended when in contact with the food, move into the food material should not cause live food composition, structure, color, flavor and so on the nature of the change, not to food produce technical functions ( Have special provisions except) ; The coating is used to prevent subsequent substance migration into food, ensure the quality of migration to food without approval of the content is less than 0. 01mg/kg。
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