Red jujube packaging raise public awareness of the brand

by:Kolysen     2020-07-11
Red jujube is a kind of nice and delicious fruit, is also a kind of moral has a good gift, the function of the red jujube more from the perspective of preserve one's health, is a blood tonic, according to the product of the gift property, the paper expounds emphatically from the historical origins of Chinese jujube culture, telling the history of the Chinese jujube culture and there is no pollution source of organic jade jujube, sunshine time long aksu region in xinjiang, on the red jujube jujube add package bags then into antique historical precipitation, obtained the customer the consistent high praise. 【 Red packet 】 Red jujube is a kind of nutrition, known as & other The king of the fruit & throughout; 。 The spleen and stomach, invigorating qi and blood, nourishing blood sedative effect, red jujube also contains inhibit cancer cells, even can cause cancer cells to the transformation of normal cells. Eat red jujube can often, but not excessive, otherwise may into disease such as constipation. Clothes make the man, beauty by bright makeup. Need good quality goods as well as a variety of products, in addition to, also need to have the appropriate grade of exquisite packaging, especially in the era of brand, gift box and packing in addition to store fresh moisture-proof effect, more beautiful and enhance brand awareness and value-added role. Can imagine, in today's commodity economy era, when the final consumers in choosing products, in addition to focus on product, also attaches great importance to the packaging of the product. In tea, for example, local products, bird's nest, cordyceps sinensis for gift products, such as a custom that has grade of eye-catching packaging gift boxes, besides can let consumer like to increase sales, can make goods more appreciation for several times. Gift box can be implemented to improve the tea brand awareness, increase product added value. Red bags with the design, production, sales, the operational mechanism of the trinity, which can produce high quality and low cost of products, has won the trust of customers. We will, as always, to the customer's requirements for the power, to promote enterprise progress and development.
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