Plastic packaging printing process

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
Plastic packaging printing process release date: 2020 - 03 - 10 color printing products in the process of producing plastic bags, is demand for printing, so let's look at the printing process. We can to learn simple, small make up hope of sharing will help you! Before printing color separation plate making, color separation plate making for white version, is used to render with, and the corresponding color version, to the operations in the system of electronic carve, can plan well in the prepress planning system, and then on the electronic carving machine carved plate directly. If it is in the unit on the printer to print, detailed steps for plate, scraping blade, ink, roll up, try the ink, toning, formal printing. While the effect of color printing plastic bag was conducted on the special laminating machine. Bag is made of plastic bags eventually, the practice is binding, the two thin film bonding form three sides sealing plastic bags, and cut them into a single bag. A: plastic bags for daily use should pay attention to these points next up: the future development of packaging machinery
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