Plastic packaging printing

by:Kolysen     2020-08-04
Plastic packaging printing release date: 2018 - 05 - What are the 08 plastic packaging printing step? The first step, plate making bags plate is divided into the following several parts: 1. Confirm the type 2 bags. Confirm bags font and line 3. Confirm the size of the packaging bags, width, height of 4. Confirm the transition of packaging color 5. Confirm color bags of 6. 7 confirm substrates to shorten the distance. Overprinting process carefully implement the eight. The last working procedure, appropriate modifications to note here is the color separation plate making, generally is a white version and color edition, finally in the engraving plate. The second step, printed on the printer to print, the specific steps for plate, scraping blade, ink ink, roll-up, ink, adjust, formal printing. The third step, composite compound is finished printing surface membrane and the inner membrane of composite using a dedicated high-speed laminating machine. Step 4, after the curing compound for curing, make color printing plastic bags is not easy to take off a layer of step 6, bag bag must ensure good color printing plastic bags sealing side, do not leak, inspector tested rear can leave the factory. Above is the plastic packaging printing steps, for more information please pay close attention to liaoning. A: on the application of aluminum foil bag next article: why green tea can't use a vacuum bag?
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