Plastic bags will be the cause of the electrostatic

by:Kolysen     2020-07-31
Plastic bags will be the cause of the electrostatic release date: 2019 - 09 - 03 plastic packaging bags manufacturer we are all familiar with the product, in the supermarket, can be seen everywhere in our life. Plastic bags is a kind of adding products to air tightness packaging containers, air drawn to the inside of the container, the seal after the container to the expected vacuum degree of a kind of packing method. In fact, we can use this bag is good enough to delay the time of food spoilage, at the same time can also use it for packing electronic components, but this time it is necessary to put the electrostatic, generally if the weather is sunny, the temperature is not high, does not need to be anti-static, is compared commonly in dry weather, because of high temperature will increase the friction, this will increase the static electricity, it is easy to fire, it needs to be placed in a clean environment, control the moisture in the air, so as to avoid electrostatic interactions. Generally when we store the product at the same time, must need to produce in line with the product of environment, this can be advantageous to extend the product life, saved the cost back to us. In an article: the importance of the plastic bag printing design next article: tell you what are using food packaging bags
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