Plastic bags wholesale factory on types and properties of PVA membrane

by:Kolysen     2020-11-14
Plastic bags wholesale factory on PVA membrane types and features of the PVA film due to the degree of polymerization of PVA resin, used in different degrees of different methods and processing production, therefore can be divided into the following three types: water soluble PVA film and difficult to soluble PVA film and two-way stretch PVA membrane. 1. Water soluble PVA film water soluble PVA film is made by alcoholysis degree in 88% alcohol solution of PVA and added to the resin. Because contain a certain amount of macromolecular chain take larger vinegar's tomb, vinyl acetate, limit ok & rsquo; R of the molecular chain near each other, together has also weakened the molecular chain of hydrogen bond association between 9 base, make each other more by the base with water, and its water soluble and drunken degree are better than that of PVA solution, the membrane also showed excellent solubility in water. Making the film after a mild heat treatment. Can be obtained through micro adjustment, pay its crystallinity from soluble in cold water to warm water soluble various soluble film. 2. Difficult soluble PVA film difficult soluble PVA film is water resistance strong unstretched film, generally contain about 10% of the multivariate drunk plasticizer, thickness of 20 705 m, is to use polymerization degree is more than 1000, alcoholysis degree of 98% or more drunk polyethylene resin and T. The film good transparency, high light jersey degrees, not easy with electrostatic, strength, permeability, oil resistant and solvent resistance, printing performance is good. 3. Two-way stretching PVA film for stretch two-way stretching of the cohesion of the PVA film, mechanical strength of progress. Strong toughness is similar to cellophane. It can and other film composite made from two layers, three layer or multilayer composite film. To meet the need of food, such as packaging. In addition. Two-way stretch PVA membrane has the best resistance, dimensional stability, heat resistance, cold resistance, transparency, glossiness than others in such aspects as the ChanFang legal system has obvious progress in thin film; Suitable for vacuum aluminum plating processing, can be used in gas displacement deoxidizer packaging, vacuum packaging, packaging, etc. ; Can also be used to gather vinegar molding mold film and agricultural film. Two-way stretch PVA membrane has excellent bartender fragrance, good oil resistance and solvent resistance, good stripping. Prevent dewing and promised to ultraviolet light through the infrared ray is not through, printing and good adhesion. PE / PO / PP / CPE / PPE / OPP / PVC / EVA
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