Parsing the food plastic packaging types and features of common

by:Kolysen     2020-06-29
Packaging: refers to the bag used for packaging of various products, widely used in daily life and industrial production. The development of the packaging has experienced four distinct phases & ndash; — The original bags, big bags, small bags, now gradually into the environmental protection ( Green) A new stage of packaging bags. With the development of commodity economy, the commercial of packaging itself also more and more significantly, it has become a no longer attached to the commodity production of special products, a kind of all the goods cannot leave, widely used products. A container bags is common in life, there are also plastic woven bag, a brown paper bag we see only one or two. In industrial production and product packaging, packaging bags, there are many kinds of let me to introduce several kinds of common bags. 1. Multi-layer kraft paper bagbags: 2 - 6 layer kraft paper bags, can be in PP material is used on paper pour a layer of membrane, waterproof effect; Adopt imported Russian white kraft paper, kraft paper, or Canada. Can add the lining of the bag. Also can be color offset printing. Form of the bottom of the seam opening, has many characteristics, such as environmental protection, health. The current domestic production of paper also advanced, price concessions in import paper, can also choose to make. 2. Composite bags, all kinds of properties of different materials together, to improve the permeability of packaging materials, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance and drug resistance, make it play a insect-resistant, dustproof, prevent microbes, such as light, sweet, smelly smell of isolation, as well as heat, cold resistant, impact resistance, better mechanical strength and processing performance, and have good printing and decoration effect. 3, the bottom pocket: also known as the bottom open the pocket. Is a kind of traditional thought and the packing bag of advanced ideas, the bottom of the bag is square, make the integral effect of the bag can be comparable to the bottom valve pocket; Openings for the flat, and the bottom of the seam open pocket packing seal in the same way, for the traditional way of sewing the sealing, middle can add a layer of plastic film, used for packaging need moistureproof products. 4, the bottom valve pocket, commonly known as the bottom of the paste bag, is a under the guidance of how to enhance the packing efficiency, easy to transport the birth of the bags. Bag of the overall appearance is square, very suitable for stacking transport; At the bottom of the valve port, convenient filling material, easy and sealing. Applied to a new type of green packaging, canned equipment can be divided into: paper-plastic composite valve pocket or multilayer paper valve pocket. Filled in order to convenient, can be punched on the bag body, convenient and gas discharge, prevent the filling bags. Paper in the middle can add a layer of plastic film, which is used to package need moistureproof products. 5, the bottom of the seam pocket: is a kind of traditional, is the enterprise use the packing bag of form. With high strength fiber thread sewing at the bottom of the seal, and contains the mouth, more convenient operation when unpacking. This bag can be used with plastic bags, aluminum foil bag. Suitable for packaging of products: chemical materials, plastic materials, powder materials, fine mineral, nano materials, food additives, etc. 6. Plastic woven bag, also called snakeskin bag. That it is a kind of plastic, packaging material is usually polyethylene, polypropylene and other chemical plastic raw materials. Based on polypropylene resin as raw materials, mainly by the extrusion, stretching into flat wire, then through weaving, compiling, bag making. 7. Coated cover bag: light brown paper bag or zhisu composite bag outside coating a layer of waterproof membrane, light can be instead of cardboard barrels packaging, can add lining of the bag. Form is equivalent to seam bottom slash pockets. With good strength, superior features such as waterproof. 8. Bags: commonly known as tons of bag, suitable for 500 - 1000 kg of product packaging. Can add a punching bag in the packet, convenient loading and unloading. You can also add cover to prevent pollution. Can also add a layer of plastic film, used to packaging need moistureproof products. Weaving bags with polyolefin resin, base material, also can be being done after coating with a light, moisture, dust, no leakage, radiation resistant, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, the excellent properties of secure and can carry chemical, cement, grain, minerals and other kinds of powder, granular, fast substance, to adapt to mechanical loading and unloading, is to reduce packaging, transportation, warehousing costs the ideal products.
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