Packing bags of fruit corn

by:Kolysen     2020-11-24
Fruit corn is a kind of super sweet corn for raw, has rich nutrition, sweet, fresh, crisp and tender features and favored by all levels of the consumer. Sweet corn, fruit corn delicious, of course, also cannot leave to guarantee its freshness, that when the number of vacuum packing bag * suitable for sweet corn, fruit corn transportation and sales packaging. Today, share with you about the choice of fruit corn packaging.

1, vacuum packing can keep the freshness of the product, after the processing of vacuum, can let the product to extend the shelf life, and it can relatively reduce the cost of warehousing, transportation company, before not vacuum, may need to do refrigerating, sterile, dry warehouse and truck, such money is very huge, finish after the vacuum processing, these costs can be saved.

2, because the general plastic bag air tightness is not high, so need to adopt the vacuum bags. Do vacuum packing beautiful pretty convenient, benefit is to be able to save for a long time.

3, vacuum exhaust the can packaging products of air inside the vacuum bag, to achieve a theory of vacuum products and then complete sealing with instantaneous heating form and get a finished vacuum products.

4, vacuum packaging is removed the air in the vacuum bag, cause the smoke can prevent oxidation, mildew, bug eat by moth, be affected with damp be affected with damp, extend the preservation period, make the package more beautiful.

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