Packaging manufacturer introduces vacuum packaging production details

by:Kolysen     2020-07-27
Packaging manufacturer introduces vacuum packaging production detail release date: 2019 - 04 - 10 vacuum bags, cheap and fine are used every day in our daily life, but its production process requirements? Please take a look with me. Above all, want to have a safe work environment. A: before entering the vacuum packaging workshop requirements workshop workers in overalls, in shoes, hand washing, disinfection. 2: before entering the production workshop has a device called the wind tube is for the use of disinfection, every person entering the workshop must be disinfected from here. Three: to maintain the overall health of the production workshop. For every day cleaning, inspection, disinfected once a week. 4: requirements workshop is better in sealing, to prevent pests such as flies, mice, into the workshop, pollute the environment. Then, to have good raw materials. A: use of PE raw materials, is the polyethylene resin, non-toxic, tasteless, this sort of raw material is the application of material in the manufacture of the vacuum packing bag. 2: vacuum packing bag is forbidden to add reworked material, because the reworked material will have other material that is harmful to the body, affect the body health. Three: vacuum bags are not allowed to add fill, fill is in order to save the cost of adding a material such as grain appearance, is also harmful to health, to identify the method is to add filling bag will be white, the characteristics of the tensile strength of will. Four: raw materials and finished goods in and out of the shop, should be a separate channel. A: food packaging manufacturer of vacuum bag use note: next article giant broad scope of aluminum foil bag
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