Packaging film color matters needing attention

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Packaging film is common things in the factory, after cutting and packing bag, to have made to demand a large quantity of packaging manufacturers to save a lot of cost. And the packaging film in the printing ink color note mainly lies in the printability of printing substrate, dieyin and feel sexual performance. But transparent substrates base material of aluminum foil and plastic film also should pay attention to in the palette. 1. In the aluminum aluminum foil is pure aluminum foil ( Hard and soft) , the aluminum foil paper and aluminum foil paste together, and the recent popularity of vacuum aluminum film, etc, aluminum foil have metal feeling not only, but also has the function of air tightness and aluminum metal similar. The film printing, in order to highlight the metal feeling, some with transparent ink printing, some in full white printing and printing design above. After a printing, because white ink concentration affect the pattern definition of hue, to attract attention. White ink as far as possible to use aluminum foil to cover the thick ink, or it will become gray, and design also become blurred, in addition, a lot of aluminum foil for various kinds of pretreatment, due to the different types of agents used affect the chosen type of ink. 2. Transparent plastic film in cellophane plastic film, OPP, CPP, PET, polyethylene, polystyrene, etc. A lot of kinds, the film also like paper, according to the purpose, respectively. Sometimes processability, airtight, watertight, after according to the demand of oil and using composite film, the film printing also divided into tables in the seal and print. Color printing on paper, more easily than general for the table print, directly used for packing food, so the ink used to luster, rubbing sexual, ink to choose the type of ink that is close to gloss. And the printing film, general composite another film on surface of the printing. Therefore, ink to consider their suitability. In the choice of color in basic ink in the print job, not only have cookies and packaging of food, and frozen, boiling, half ripe and cooling food packaging. Boil, half ripe and cooling food packaging materials, printing ink to choose suitable for their use of the basic ink. And when printing in the printing, generally also printed a layer of white ink, so print white ink, be sure to confirm the hue.
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