New composite materials for eight edge-sealing flat bags

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
New polyester eight edge sealing packaging clueless in the plastic packaging material is the most striking in the application of polyethylene naphthalate formic acid glycol ester, this is a new type of polyester packaging materials, has good resistance capability, prevent ultraviolet linear and heat resistance. Foamed plastics to zero pollution in this eight edge-sealing bag manufacturer is the latest development of guangdong industrial co. , LTD. Guangdong industrial co. , LTD. Production of eight edge-sealing bag has many advantages, such as processing performance is good, high strength, high rigidity and good transparency, and thus attracted much attention of packaging industry, and therefore launched many new products. Metal plastic will directly impact PP, HDPE, LLDPE, elastomer plastic market, it is very suitable for use in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, shrink film and health supplies, etc. Plastic packaging development policy, the first is the decrement of plastics packaging waste, reduce the production of plastic packaging waste, shall be used as the first environmental strategies of plastic packaging. First, it should promote plastic packaging design innovation, make plastic packaging under the condition of ensure the basic function, achieve plastic packaging lightweight or thin wall. Materials synthesis process of technical progress so far, has been able to reach the purpose of the plastic varieties. Should know of plastics packaging waste material recycling, essence and scrap recycling in the process of production there is a difference between, it is not only technical problems, and is the social problem, it not only involves the economic benefits, more importantly, social benefits and environmental benefits. Therefore, plastic packaging waste recycling industry has a certain degree of public welfare industrial properties. Should not be to recycle of leftover material in the process of production mentality to treat the recycling of plastic waste, even on the technical problems, also has certain technical and economic effectiveness of determinant of waste recycling, need to attach great importance to.
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