Let the voice packet is no longer a dream

by:Kolysen     2020-07-08
In 2015, those who like online shopping the shopaholic, may have received so much from Tmall supermarket bag: it not only can hold special, also & other; A little thinking, had something to say & throughout; 。 Packaging can touch, can read comic strips, and even to read the newspaper.

eight edge-sealing food packaging bags in addition to the packaging function, can also & other; Vocal language & throughout; Confession, turns into a new carrier & ndash; — Such findings, very excites Tmall supermarket a handful of: in April 2015, the first to start, consumer's comments on Tmall interaction were randomly selected, with & other; Barrage & throughout; Printing methods on food packaging; In June, Tmall supermarket creates & the packing bag of other Packing quote & throughout; , you can read on zhihu, qianjiang evening news, or 'northern weekend' the characteristics of information; And the packing bag of September, and changed the three collection on popular illustrator xi to work. Tmall supermarkets make package announces the wording, secondary today doing self brand. Amazon went further, have fast food bags as a confession of a transfer. In May 2015, amazon for global film 'god steal dads 3' confessions about preheating, with more than a month's time, on my Courier package printed sheet confessions, which with cute little yellow people express bag, namely won & other; Throughout most of &; Bags, attract the vast users abroad snapped up.

no matter Tmall amazon, so no matter so to promote the introduction of a third party brand itself, carry on eight autoregulating food sack media function, so did & other; After finding & throughout; 。

in fact, the story at this point, as the printing readers, afraid of going in to bags turns into the matter and industry have what relation? In addition to bring bags manufacturers more technology and business request, the spark will impact what's new? More information welcome to eight edge-sealing bag manufacturers in guangdong industrial co. , LTD. Website: http://www. gdhpyz。 com

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