How can meet applicable compound bag?

by:Kolysen     2020-06-22
Choose and use the standard color printing composite bags, should pay attention to what time is it: 1. Color printing compound bag factory should be no smell, no peculiar smell, some very smell of color printing composite bags, not used in membrane Lin paper don't have to. 2. Must have Chinese label color printing compound bag packaging, labeling producer name and address, product belongs to the businessman, is not written in significant part & other; Used for food & throughout; With the words. Products are written after commodity inspection certificate. 3. Get with the food is very good to take money to buy big market, not to the street stalls to spend a few dollars. 4. Some colour color printing composite bags don't have to need not in food packaging. Because this style of color printing composite bags are usually use recycling paper. 5. And color printing composite bags not easy degradation characteristics, can cause environmental pollution, to this, food shopping, very good good green packaging material. 6. Well without coating, coating materials as much as possible. In packaging design currently, lead to the packing is all feel more beautiful, corrosion resistance, using the attached coating materials.
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