Heterotypic composite design key points of the packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-11-13
Composite bags, it is to use two or more different nature of the composite materials composed of flexible packaging materials, can give full play to each component in high function bags of material interests. With the progress of materials processing technology, now of the composite bags variety, different function, appearance is not limited to a specific shape. Here, professional manufacturer of flexible packaging packaging is according to the composite bags production experience for many years, to summarize the characteristic of composite bags, and the design key of heterotypic bag and common form. A, compared with other types of packaging, composite bags has the following characteristics quality light, transparent, soft; Excellence is air tightness and heat sealing; Can be moistureproof, prevent gas, uv light, excellent heat resistance, cold resistant function; Excellence and standard of safe sex, chemical stability, has excellent resistance to chemical medicine character and the grease; Tear resistance, resistance to acupuncture, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, resistance, prevent ageing resistance; Excellent mechanical processing eligibility. Composite bags also has less waste, easy to processing molding, occupies the space is little, low capital and capital availability, The volume of unit weight of the packing and weight) High-grade interests, to meet the needs of most products & ndash; — Especially in clothing, clothing, hardware electronics, dress-up items, food packaging requirements. Design points of the two, heterotypic bag 1, inner capacity changes after general composite bags will change into a different bag, its capacity is bound to have some changes, therefore, demand for standard from the beginning to carry on the design of the packaging bags. 2, packaging appearance changes because it is on the edge of the flexible packaging bags, packaging bags on the verge of unfavorable choose Angle, avoid accumulation prick when other packaging, or damage to the user. 3, encapsulation methods assume that the influence of different bag sealing automatic sealing equipment, in order to facilitate production proceed smoothly, the opening direction of the shaped bag, seal bearing have must request, this is also need to consider. After considering the above factors, coupled with exquisite picture design, a successful shaped flexible packaging bags was born. Three, heterotypic bag application according to the different forms, different bag mainly can be divided into the following kinds. 1, plus alien self-supporting bag mouth and mouth is convenient and contents of dumping, and add the mouth after the goods can be resealed, means that multiple submissions of use. This heterotypic bag is suitable for the liquid beverage, shower gel, shampoo, tomato sauce, cooking oil and other liquids, or demand the use of multiple submissions of other liquid products. 2, self-supporting bag zipper heteromorphosis gallas chain role is to facilitate the unsealed use many times. But the difference is, repeat the sealing way is zipper, so this kind of design is not suitable for packaging liquid, but used to wrap some solid objects, such as: clothing, clothing, hardware, electronics, dress-up thing, candy, dried fruit, chocolate, biscuits, jelly, tea, etc. 3, imitation mouth heterotypic bag of this kind of bag is characterized by independence, no additional mouth in packaging design, but use the heterotypic bag manufacturing characteristics, creating a similar to the mouth of the bag type, convenient access. Added the design is suitable for the liquid loading, due to its once were open were unable to seal, the applicable products and alien self-supporting bag mouth applicable products are basically identical.
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