Food vacuum bags wholesale prices

by:Kolysen     2020-07-07
1, why is there a flat bag? Due to the reason of plastic products consumption process, can't guarantee product 100% qualified rate. Dear friends must purchase before bullish on the evaluation of a few sellers, believe no one is not reflected the leak problem. So it is a normal phenomenon, we should be rational view, after all, the chance of buy a flat bag is very small. But we can guarantee that every buyer can not leak tight on the bag. 2, tightening the thickness of the bag thickness and flexibility is the materials of the resolution, the stand or fall of material price resolution. Appropriate product is now the most popular on the market a few squeeze bag and their materials belong to medium, 7 is the thickness of silk, and some buyers reflect bag compare thin it is for this reason. But the price affordable, leak rate is very low, so the highest cost performance. Prevalence has prevailed. A: use A vacuum cleaner or vacuum pump suction, the operation is simple, lunch! B: you can avoid a flea, mold, moisture, odors, make clothes clean. C: after tightening, such as clothing make storage space. Vacuum bag packaging food pay attention to; Demand for food packaging and so on various aspects are very pay attention to, this relationship with each person's health problems. For the vacuum bag packaging food pay attention to some primary is as follows: but don't use colored vacuum packaged food. When used for food packaging plastic polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, polystyrene, etc. , now professor thought: vacuum food packaging can be at ease use. Its WeiSu function is to pass the used for food packaging is safe use vacuum bag packaging cooked food, the direct edible food such as dim sum, best not to use colored vacuum bag. Due to the vacuum bag of pigment dyeing and volatile strong permeability, easy leaking in case of oil, when it is heated. If be organic dyes, this also is rich in aromatic hydrocarbons, must influence to health. Many nonferrous vacuum bag is made of accepting to receive plastic due to the impurities from receiving model forecast is more, manufacturers have to increase in Chinese paint to cover up. But some from receiving plastic material for vacuum bag is red.
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