Food vacuum bag matters needing attention in using

by:Kolysen     2020-08-05
Food vacuum bag is refers to the air of the smoke to anaerobic survival to improve food shelf life. So in the process of use, also must pay attention to the problems, packing factory summary for you today is as follows: first, not all the food inside the vacuum bags can be put in the microwave heating, heat some food vacuum bag easy to produce toxic substances, so not suitable for heating, the packing bag of the same day there were some is high temperature resistant, high temperature heating, so the user is when the choose and buy, want to read related instructions. Second, not all food vacuum bag is suitable for cold storage, airtight vacuum packaging can not reach the effect of preservation, if the bacteria can also grow in the fridge and lead to food spoilage, but through special processing of food vacuum bag can be frozen. Because the selection of materials, packaging effect also can produce a variety of differences, but can be by different design to adapt to different environment, so the user before the use of food, to read the instructions carefully, to avoid damage.
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