Food plastic packaging safety become a hot problem

by:Kolysen     2020-07-09
How safe and effective packaging and does not affect the original taste and nutrition value as the most important topic. The food vacuum packaging machine is in the market of packaging machinery technology solved this problem, so a great help to the life of people, people should understand the following work steps. It is the advanced technology into the food vacuum packaging, by improving the vacuum degree within the packet to achieve the effect of quality extension. Vacuum packaging machine work time is short, simple process, high degree of automation, only by simple instruction can complete the whole work process. Food vacuum packaging machine working steps are divided into: switch the device on, put packages in a vacuum chamber, heat sealing the process. 1. Switch the machine on. According to the power supply requirements of vacuum packaging machine, transfer the relevant power supply switch, switch to a vacuum for vacuum sealing process, namely point in vacuum is vacuum sealing process. 2. Will be equipped with food packaging in the vacuum chamber, vacuum packing. Close the lid of the vacuum chamber, the indicator lights on the operation panel lights, according to the predefined vacuum degree of vacuum, vacuum pump after reaching set value end of the process of pumping air into vacuum state, the lights go out, and then enter the heat sealing ( Inflatable) Phase. 3. Stay after the bag inflated, to heat seal packing materials, it is important to note to use the special packing materials. Preset a heat sealing time, when arriving at work time indicator light is off, the heat seal end of work. Heat sealing process not only can seal bag is better, but also can make heat sterilization. The final step is to vacuum cooling, according to a set of Numbers of cooling for cooling.
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