Food plastic bags: don't put dishes in the plastic bag in the refrigerator!

by:Kolysen     2020-07-10
We all know plastic bags have a wide variety of USES or clear plastic bags brought disastrous effect to the environment but we normally used in plastic bags are likely to become your family & other; Health killer & throughout; Do you usually buy food home, the first thing is what? Use directly carry food back wrapped in plastic bags of vegetables in the fridge? If you do, so I'm very sorry, you are & other; Chronic suicide & throughout; ~ ~ ~ colorful color belong to renewable plastic bags, plastic bags to make this bag become bright coloring is imply a substance called benzopyrene. This kind of material is a kind of strong carcinogenic substance, after contact with the food may be transferred to the food. Expert says, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which have strong carcinogenic effect, the international agency for research on cancer (iarc) have in the first group of carcinogenic benzopyrene. In this plastic bags & other; Gorgeous & throughout; Hiding under the appearance of a ruin your life & other; Heart & throughout; 。 Plasticizer can precipitate from the surface of the plastic bags, and we will contact with bags of food intake into the body, its various damage to our human health. Life danger is everywhere, if you in the morning to buy hot Fried dough sticks, hot steamed stuffed bun, use of plastic bags is not qualified products, the plasticizer for temperature and precipitation will be more! Uppsala university in Sweden, a study has found a common name in the plastic products neighbors phthalates chemicals, destroys insulin production, may increase the risk of the elderly with type 2 diabetes. Put vegetables in plastic bags, the vegetables around the humidity is higher, easy breeding ground for germs, vegetables metamorphic. If you want to use plastic bags, storage time shoulds not be too long. Under anaerobic conditions, will be a lot of fruits and vegetables consumption of these nutrients, and can produce are toxic to cells of acetaldehyde and alcohol. Therefore, storage period must pay attention to ventilation, oxygen supply. Cold storage, frozen food in the refrigerator should use plastic wrap, and don't use ordinary instead of plastic bags. Cling film special process and raw material has good air permeability and preservation performance, ordinary plastic bags can not reach the purpose of keeping fresh.
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