Food packaging manufacturer should know how to calculate the cost

by:Kolysen     2020-07-29
Plastic packaging film composite material cost analysis, the plastic film to factory 1 ton price general tax, freight and 150 - in the province 200 yuan/T, common printing membrane BOPP19 BOPA15, BOPET12 package delivery, width can be made through the membrane plant, 4000 - 6000 meters/roll, is printing the origin of the minimum quantity of 5000 square meters/second. To factory order specification width of membrane materials in order to 5 tons. 2, film use cost estimates: ( The printing effective width utilization rate of 97%) The arrival of the ton price * um film thickness * film proportion ( G / ㎡) Square / 1000000 / = 97% material cost: BOPP19 light membrane square = price 13000 yuan/ton * 19 * 0. 92/1000000 / = 0 97%. 234 yuan plastic packaging film cost calculation of the influence factors of 1, procurement budget ( 5000 square minimum quantity) According to the packaging development size calculation, such as 1 - Within 2 kg bag per square layout 5, the minimum quantitative for 5 * 5000 = 25000 / times lower than the minimum quantity, can according to the following measure: 3000 yuan/computer cost + material cost 2 factory price of tons of plastic film, plastic film brand and prices directly influenced by the price of crude oil prices, due to inventory will cause changes in relative lag of 15 For 30 days. 3, membrane material is the internal supply or outsourcing such as the bottom of the PE film, BOPP, CPP film, outsourcing and internal supply tons of price gap with the additional transportation, profits. Outsourcing PE film is internal blown film cost to high 1000 - on its own 2000 yuan/ton. Number 4, the width of printing equipment and layout ( Sourcing competitive place) Printing equipment and effective width of 1200 mm in big machine, suitable for the large size on dual channel for printing, packaging, loss and electricity saving. , of course, since the international crude oil price shock frequently, coupled with plastic film consumption season significantly ( In the second half of the season) , the packing bag manufacturer should focus on market trends, by means of purchasing and supply management to lock in a low price materials do strategic procurement reserve.
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