Food packaging common technology and special materials is introduced

by:Kolysen     2020-07-03
In today's business environment, want to buy a good products, the first packet is crucial, general selling product has three features; Elegant appearance, original individuality, is consistent with the brand positioning. So how to reflect the difference between your bags and other packaging, the main way is through the process and materials to reflect; 1 evels here for everyone! Wash aluminum: is the local aluminum plating layer on the film return or washed away. At present, washing aluminium bag is on the international and domestic printing, design effect is one of the most beautiful packaging in highest demand, is also more popular in the world, one of the advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging. As is very popular in Japan, widely used in food, clothing, electronic products, toys, packaging; But less domestic current application. Wash the aluminum bag with the ordinary composite aluminized bag has obvious difference: ordinary composite aluminized bag, is the front of the bag or the entire bag ( Or the back) With aluminum plating film compound. And wash aluminum bag is different, as long as you want to bag which part is aluminum gloss effect, which part is transparent visual all can design to produce, but not limited to a certain position, or some rules of design. Happy fruit bag ( Wash aluminum) Form a layer on the surface of UV: in the bag is light and bright artistic effect, this process is able to highlight the level of the graphic part and outline, make the bags look has stereo feeling, a sharp rise in the packaging container visual aesthetic feeling! Flax seed bags ( UV technology) Hot stamping/stamping silver ( The light effect) : hot silver or gold is electrochemical aluminum hot stamping on the material with high temperature, hot silver or gold is the effect of light. Flour bag ( Hot stamping) Printed silver/gold ( Matte effect) : printed silver or gold ink is made of metal, the color printing on the material printed silver or gold is dumb light effect. Rice bag ( Printing gold) Leakage of aluminium: according to the design or text in leak will inner layer of the aluminum foil printing, the visual effect is similar to silver pressed, but some simple sense is a bit poor, in addition to lower the cost. Camellia bag ( Leakage aluminum) Window: opening a transparent window on packaging, customers can intuitive see bags on the product, easy to cause the appetite of the client and the desire to buy. Kraft paper bag ( Open the window) Laser: can make the packaging container as the change of perspective and present a different color, has obvious dynamic change color effect, can produce rainbow ring under the concentrated effect. Have certain anti-counterfeit effect. In a wide range of goods on the counter is unique, very popular. Salt tamari cashews bags ( Laser) Light film: one of the common material, also called PET film is a kind of comprehensive performance of packaging film. Its good transparency, luster; With good air tightness and sweet. Chicken bags ( Light film) Matte film: film surface effect is fog, show the state because in the process of laminating is to use the matte frosted, so it looks is more artistic. And the touch will have AoTuGan, is not so smooth light film. General print will adopt the above two kinds of technology to improve product quality, some in order to meet the needs of the printing, will use local coated. Dried fruit bag ( Matte film) Drawing film: film surface reflects the matte and glossy different gloss effect, easy to cause viewpoints, thus contribute to product sales. Common are penang, bags and so on. Chinese wolfberry bag ( Drawing film) The surface of the 3 d film: film consists of countless small square and square inside is small circular concave and convex chamfer, reflected light, can build a strong 3 d effect. Give a person a kind of visual illusion! The tea bag ( The 3 d film) Green film: gold green membrane is a kind of using PP material of new environmental protection materials, is widely used on the glitter effect of a product, with golden onion powder has a similar place, so the visual effect is very strong, product sparkling in the sun. Can't see shiny effect for photographing light reason, the actual product effect is better! The moon cake packaging ( Golden onion film)
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