Food packaging bags

by:Kolysen     2020-08-01
1, what is food packaging generally at zero thickness. 25 mm below the flake plastics called film to plastic film of composite flexible packaging has been widely applied in food industry. Food sack species diversity, they are transparent, flexible, good water resistance, moisture resistance, and resistance capability, good mechanical strength, chemical stability, resistance to grease, easy to fine printing, heat sealing bag making. 2, commonly used food flexible packaging film composite structure commonly used food flexible packaging usually consists of two or more than two layers of different thin film composite, according to the position in general can be divided into the outer layer, middle layer and inner layer. Food packaging development situation 1. The development of environmentally friendly materials of food packaging. 2. In order to reduce costs, save resources, food sack to the development of tropical and warm. 3. Food packaging bags to develop in the direction of special function. High barrier composite materials will continue to increase the market capacity, after simple processing, cut off oxygen, water vapor, strong performance, improve the shelf life of the advantages of high separation membrane, is the mainstream of the supermarket food flexible packaging in the future.
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