Food, cooked food packaging can't use at random

by:Kolysen     2020-07-20
Multilayer composite food packaging film, bag is in daily life such as betel nut bags, edible salt packaging composed of multilayer plastic crushing food packaging. Colorful plastic food packaging safety or not, is directly related to consumer entry of food safety. On October 12, the province pledges inspect bureau released the multilayer composite food packaging film, bags of hunan province, local standards and related important indicators of food related plastic packaging film, enterprise production pastry, stewed meat, betel nut, salt and other food packaging will be implemented with reference to the standard. Make provisions on solvent residues in the multilayer composite food packaging film, bags of hunan local standards has been clear about the betel nut, pastries, soy products such as cooked food product packaging should comply with the health indicators, made of different materials for the packaging appearance, size deviation and the physical mechanical made specific provision, solvent residue. New rules for multi-layer composite food packaging film, bag sealing and bag edge distance should be less than or equal to 3 mm, the products are not allowed to appear scratches, burns, perforation, the phenomenon such as adhesion, layering, and dirt, make sure that no seal, no bubble. It is important to note that the new rules also make strict rules on solvent residue, request packaging benzene solvent residues of less than 0 per square metre. 01 milligrams. Provide the basis for consumer rights protection according to the province pledges inspect bureau supervision office, deputy director of food and related products Xiong Xiaosu introduction, so far, a total of more than 1300 food and related products, annual output value of more than 25 billion yuan, 56% distribution in changsha, zhuzhou, yueyang and yiyang area. Among them, some food related packing production enterprise product standards lag, affect the enterprise the development of packaging industry. Since 2007, our country the food with plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products production licensing market access system, belongs to food related products in plastic composite packaging film, bags have been incorporated into the category of production license. But when applying for the certification of production enterprises, some betel nut bags, edible salt packaging bags, no standardized can consult lurou bags and other products. Released for this standards, provincial plastic color printing industry association sides lighted that solves the multi-layer composite membrane, bag can be depended on without the standard production enterprise, enterprise standards and the quality of the product defect not neat. At the same time, also provide the basis for consumer rights protection, consumer, such as food packaging product quality problems, can according to local standards for quality dispute arbitration and identification, but also the quality safety problem tracking and traceability, to ensure the rights and interests of consumers. It is understood that this standard has been implemented on June 30. Xiong Xiaosu said that more than fifty percent of the production enterprises according to the standard implementation, then, will be promoted step by step.
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