Food bag packaging production process have?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-21
Packaging design & ndash; — System of copper plate & ndash; — Layout of printing & ndash; — Composite packaging & ndash; — Cutting 1 bags, packaging design: this is according to the requirements of food company to design the layout of the food packaging bags, food packaging design. A good packaging design layout for the improvement of product sales has a good effect. At first glance is very important, after all ^ - ^。 This design is generally good food companies design, and then to packaging manufacturers. 2, copper plate, is according to the food packaging design to confirm the draft of copper plate on the production of food packaging printing need. The version into the cylinder, and is a complete set of is not a single one, the size of the concrete is version number according to the packaging design of the previous step to determine. A color is a copper plate, if there are five color have to do 5 ^ - for copper sheet ^, of course, sometimes it can also be version. 3, the layout of printing: in food packaging printing jacket is good copper plate, and then according to the food company confirm the printing on the first layer of the material, because a food packaging bags are usually composed of three layers of composite material. And just printing a layer on the surface of the printing. Printed rendering with draft design of no difference. Dongguan yu wrapping was nine color fully automatic computer control the printer. The printing effect can be compared and posters. 4, compound: the so-called composite is put together two kinds of material, the surface of ink stick in the middle of the two layers of material, such as the pa ( Nylon) /pe( Enhanced) , nylon which is the first layer material or printing material, PE ( Enhanced) Is the second layer materials, composite materials, some things will have the third and the fourth floor material. Such as do common aluminum foil bag, Opp film/al foil/PE light enhancement) You need to the third floor. Note: usually need to step on before printing before composite material inspection, to eliminate the material printing effect is poor. 5, cut bag and bag: bag and bag cutting was done on one machine, when good composite material, and then into the bag making machine, the debugging good bag making machine, can be carried out in accordance with the size of tuned heat sealing food packaging materials, finally carried out in accordance with the size of tuned cut the bag. Plexus bag to cut bag fully automatic. Packaging has a fully automatic bag making machine. More efficient and better quality.
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