Dried fruit bags maca dried fruit is not necessarily better than fine maca piece, how to choose maca?

by:Kolysen     2020-07-05
On April 4, the purchase of maca shaanxi women's travel to large dry film, charge ten thousand yuan after regret buying, finally solved with the help of the border police. The situation is, in fact, is the result of maca dried category is g as a unit of weight, weight is expected, when consumer is buying maca makes purchase amount than expected psychological price and feel uncomfortable. The expert points out, the choose and buy fine maca piece is more cost-effective. For media reports repeatedly maca for events, @ snow tripod maca cow said: & other; Current maca dry products such as maca dry films, maca dried fruit are in raw product, the customer is needed when eating cooking process, during the processing of nutrition easy to loss, maca plus not edible fruit, lead to maca nutrition absorb less, do more harm than good. ” And he said, & other; Maca deep-processing products, such as fine maca piece products, targeted technology, makes maca more easily absorbed by human body, nutrition value is better than in raw products. Fine maca piece of choose and buy is more cost-effective. ” Why maca extract tablet is better than maca dry piece? We speak of from the raw and deep processing products of maca maca in raw products usually refers to maca fresh fruit, maca dried fruit, maca dry piece, etc. The maca deep processing products are usually refers to the essence of maca, maca, maca maca drinks, tea, coffee maca virgin pulp, etc. Maca in raw products. If you don't consider maca fully absorb nutrition, maca dry plate can be used in clay pot stew supplements, at the same time can also be used to bubble wine to drink. And households for the production of maca is usually rough machining, easy to cause in the process of production of maca nutrients, fully exert the nutrition of maca can't; In traditional Chinese have the habit of bubble health wine, and at the time of the bubble wine maca because there is no completely sliced, maca seepage is little, and the maca dry piece of bubble drunk not edible, nutrition resulting in maca itself cannot be absorbed completely. Maca deep processing products. Maca deep processing products are usually eaten, refining, compression is made on the maca maca deep processing products, the process can involve a lot of technical means, at the same time also need through the certification standards, which makes the product more secure, and easier to eat. Such as fine maca piece, can be directly swallow, maca can effectively control consumption. Deep processing products will contrast 1, nutritional value than raw maca in raw products, consumers need to processing, production of non-standard, nutrition easy to loss. Maca deep processing products, has made a technical support, keep good nutritional value and edible value higher, and easier. 2, safety standards maca in raw products, although there is a shipment inspection certification, but can't avoid the pollution in the process of transportation, sales, low safety standards. Maca deep processing products, with the origin of a product, raw material inspection, at the same time also need after processing, processing after several rounds of inspection certification, coupled with sealed packaging, reduce the contaminated again in the process of transportation, sales, has a higher security. 3, prices maca raw product because there is no industry standard, the product is uneven, nutritional value could not judge. Maca, consumers to buy a cheap price, but did eat big losses. Once had pusher low-priced sales been refined maca & other; Medical & throughout; , consumers buy the products has been basically no nutritional value. And maca deep processing products, is the need to pass strict inspection and quarantine, quality, nutrition, etc can meet the national standard. At first glance prices cheaper materials. But taking convenient, small controllable dose, absorption efficiency is rather high, effect is more apparent, eating at a lower cost. Consumers have been maca soup every day, bubble maca wine to drink, spend a few dollars a day, but eventually chose to eat fine maca piece, 1 day is 10 yuan.
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