Vacuum packing bag concrete application in the field of food packaging

by:Kolysen     2020-06-24

1, prevent environmental microbial growth in vacuum packaging equipment is the key link in packaging machinery, vacuum packaging is isolated from the main function of oxygen, in order to make the packaging products not metamorphism. Its working principle is very simple, because most of the food products gone mouldy is mainly caused by microbial growth, and the vast majority of microbial growth space is rich oxygen, vacuum packaging is to prevent the environment, the product of oxygen in the environment, to achieve the goal of food safety storage.

2, block the oxidation vacuum packaging food itself besides inhibiting microbial growth, reproduction, also played the oxidation prevent food themselves, in the life most of the grease food contains a lot of fatty acids and other substances, interact with oxygen in the air and oxidation, make food spoilage. Life most of the food product packaging selection of outer packing most preferred vacuum packing products, and vacuum packing products such as glass jars, cans and other packing will greatly increase the cost. So the vacuum bags in all the vacuum packaging products is the most economical choice of the masses.

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